The Trading Channel that


Community Members


Signal Accuracy

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Pips Monthly

The Trading Channel that


Community Members


Signal Accuracy

Profitable Students

Pips Monthly

About Forex Alphas

Welcome to Forex Alphas, where we train individuals with no trading experience into trading Alphas. Our company bridges the gap between individuals that want to learn about the markets but do not want to pay ridiculous fees in order to do so.


Our free discord channel provides our users with free signals that are sent directly to their phone. Unlike other company’s that charge absurd fees with mediocre signals, our channel is free. The signals provided have take profit and stop loss zones so you don’t need to worry about when to close a trade! Our VIP channel is also available for those individuals that want to take their trading to the next level and receive many more trades with live analysis.

Free Signals

Receive Crypto Forex Stock Signals For Free

Take Profit and Stop Loss Zones

Don’t have to worry about when to close a trade we have your back!


Live Analysis

Daily analysis videos with our Team of Professional traders giving you an edge in the market.


Up to Date News

Stay in the loop with economic indicators and world news!

Referrals (Coming Soon)

At Forex Alphas we believe in the power of marketing and the great benefits it can bring. The issue in todays market are that companies focus too much on referrals and not enough on use case. As we already have the use case covered we are introducing referrals in a different way.

Refer 3 friends and receive LIFETIME VIP membership.

We wanted to be different then our competitors as they are more focused in making money then helping individuals. With our referral program not only do your friends and family benefit but also you get access to LIFETIME access to our Discord channel!


$ 0

per month

1-2 daily trading signals


3 take profit levels



$ 99

per year

3-7 daily trading signals


3 take profit levels

1 on 1 mentorship

live education classes

live market analysis



Can I refund if I am not happy with this service?

We do not offer a refund on our services as once they are sent out they are yours to keep forever. If you are not happy with our service, you can reach out to us at any time and our team will not rest until you are completely satisfied with us.

Do I have to pay to access the DISCORD CHANNEL?

Absolutely not, our discord channel is FREE for those who want to test the waters and copy our signals. For members who want more have the opportunity of joining VIP and all the extra benefits.

So why is everything free?

Our goal as a company was to be different than our competitors, so we decided to give everything for FREE as they teach a beginner everything from A-Z about these markets. Our clients come first and the best way to build a relationship with them is to build trust.

What sets us apart?

Unlike other company’s that are charging absurd fees we decided that we wanted to make our services free and easily accessible. Our company focuses on making sure our clients absorb the information and educate themselves to the extent where they can trade without any help. Many other education services are charging monthly fees but here at Forex Alphas we offer everything for free and for those who want more can join our VIP for a fraction of the cost.

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